Frequently Asked Questions

What is include in the price listed for each tree?

The price includes: excavation, pruning, delivery and collection of the tree that you have selected from our photos, within the area of Ljubljana. In addition to the tree, we also supply a stand to enable smooth watering, as well as the maintenance instructions.

– The price includes delivery “to the door”, however, to gains access to higher floors, and to arrange delivery for a specific date, a surcharge is required. For anywhere outside the area of Ljubljana, we apply additional delivery costs according to our current price list (please click on the delivery tab for more details).

How long do we have the tree?

The tree will stay with you on average for 30 days. We deliver it to you in December and collect in January. When you select a tree on the website, you will be asked when you would like to receive your tree, and your preference for when we will collect.

What if we get so attached to the tree that we don't want to return it?

You can also buy the tree. When ordering a tree, you will be asked if you prefer to rent or buy the tree. If you choose to rent but then decide later on you would like to keep the tree, just let us know by e-mail. The surcharge amount to keep the tree ranges between € 5.90 to € 35.90 depending on the size of your tree.

Do you deliver the trees all over Slovenia?

That’s right, we deliver the trees all over Slovenia.

Do you deliver them yourself or do you use a courier service?

We deliver all our trees ourselves. As nature lovers, we love having a personal connection with our clients. By delivering directly to you, we get to meet you in person, talk to you about any concerns you may have, and offer further advice if needed.

We want to deliver our trees with as little carbon footprint as possible, therefore we are happy to plan everything for a truly careful delivery.

How big will our tree be?

All trees that are still in the ground are measured from the ground to half of the top part. The final size of the tree (the height displayed on the website) is then calculated by adding the height of the pot, which is about 25 cm.

But how wide is my tree?

You can estimate the width yourself: if your Christmas tree is between 160 and 180 cm high, divide the height by 2 and this should give you a good estimate of the width. Remember these are living trees, and of course are not all the same.

Will I get exactly the tree I see and choose from the website?

Of course! We think it’s great that you get to see your own Christmas tree in advance and make a choice right for you.

What if our tree dries up before the holidays?

Statistically, around 80% of trees return to us in very good shape. If you follow the instructions and the suggested care and watering strategy, everything should be fine. Should your tree start to shed needles intensively during the first week after delivery, please let us know and we will deliver you a new one. If needle shedding starts to occur 7 days after delivery, then the care regime for your tree hasn’t been carried out correctly. But do not worry! If you would like a new tree, we will happily provide you with one at an additional cost.

What if we don’t like the tree when it arrives?

Our website shows three photographs of each tree, as we believe that giving you the best opportunity to see your tree in advance helps you choose the tree that is right for you. If you do not like the tree we deliver, we are happy to deliver a new one at an additional ccost.

On which day do you deliver the trees?

We deliver trees according to the area or region you are in. As the trees are quite large, we need to plan our routes wisely to ensure we deliver all the Christmas trees on time. We will inform you of the exact delivery day at least 2 working days before via e-mail or telephone.

Do you deliver in the morning or afternoon?

When ordering the tree, you have the option of choosing a delivery date, and you can also choose between the options of in the morning, in the afternoon, or anytime.

Why does the tree sometimes turn a little brown?

In some cases, some trees such as Silver Spruce or Picea Pungens will turn slightly brown on the inside. This is a natural process the tree undergoes in preparation for winter, and does not indicate there is anything wrong with the tree.

What if my children don’t like the tree?

Hmm, this is an awkward one. We see having a living tree as a great opportunity to talk your children about nature and point out a few things, about how everything in nature is not symmetrical, for instance. If this does not appease the picky little ones, you can of course just buy a plastic tree. It may not be as educational, but it can be helpful for your mood.

Why would my children not like the tree?

Hmm, maybe because it doesn’t look like the perfect plastic trees in American movies. Live trees are rarely as bushy and symmetrical as they appear in movies, especially those from the nursery where they are grown for life (and not for felling). But we are delighted to say that our child, and many others, were touched to the heart last year with our trees. It also turns out that the expectation of that perfectly symmetrical potted tree is mostly held by the parents…

Are all the trees beautiful?

We grow over 20,000 Christmas trees on our plantations, and we form and shape each one by pruning at least twice a year. So, we say: of course, they are beautiful! You can choose the one you like the most from our website and you can guarantee that you will get the one you chose. The sooner you make your choice, the more range you have to choose from. We are confident that we will have the most beautiful trees so far this year.